House Exterior

House-elevations-composite Click the drawing to open an enlarged version in a new window.

The exterior features the earthy palette and natural textures of native stone facing, weathered vertical cedar 1×4 siding, and integral color stucco on the connection between the two wings. Wooden railings on patios and balconies add warmth.

Extensive vegetation growing on the house anchors the house to the site. Wood trellises with vines soften the walls while contrasting with the paned glass and strong, contemporary massing and lines of the structure.

Inside: High Ceilings and Glass

The main living area with the best view of the Bay and Sugarloaf (Northeast Elevation) features a wall of glass doors and windows 12 feet high and 33 feet long. The southwest wall of this high space with a 14-foot interior ceiling has a row of large glass blocks just below the roof to brighten the kitchen and the rest of the space.

Other rooms have high ceilings brightened with eight-foot-high and ten-foot-high windows and large glass doors.