A Fully Private View of the Bay and Sugarloaf

From its ridgetop perch (the immediate foreground above and shown in red below), the house will enjoy views of San Francisco Bay and Mount Diablo as well as Sugarloaf Mountain. In fact, the homesite has a 300 degree view which includes very few homes. Those homes are over 600 feet away, ensuring your privacy.

To enjoy the view, the house features extensive contemporary glass, terraces, patios and decks. It will be easy, inviting and private to step out of the many doors and enjoy the peace and quiet, or to sit beneath the lacy canopy of the lovely old oak over the main patio. Or you could hit the trails that start right from the house.

Another view of the Preserve. The red area indicates the footprint of the exterior walls of the proposed house. Preserve boundaries and house location as shown are approximate. Image © 2020 Google, made with Google Earth. Image Landsat/Copernicus. Imagery date: August 9, 2018. 3400LowerLock_15_HenrikKam2012_9393-adj-3 The house, which will sit to the left foreground in this view, wraps around this coastal oak. A flagstone patio will be under the tree.